Hello, we are Blinds & Window Designs

Change is good.

Luckily, if you're looking for new decorative ideas for your home, we can help you achieve those changes in a big, beautiful way. We are Blinds & Window Designs, and we've been a South Florida interior decorating company since 2001.

Our specialists have over 20 years of experience in the field, and our work has reached international locales in South America and the Caribean, as well as local and national projects in the US. Our services are sure to cover your needs, and with different projects under our belt, from decorating yatchs and ships to upholstery, we are sure to meet your standards.

Look below for a list of services, and if you see what you need, contact us via e-mail.

A Multitude of Services


Great for a sleek, clean look, blinds come in many different colors and textures. We construct our blinds to fit into any window measurements and have plenty of options for home automation and control.

Window Coverings

There is a vast array of options at your disposal to complement your home. Curtains, drapes, ripple folds and many other design choices are available to fit your style.


Convenient, affordable and a quick assembly makes these ideal for timely projects. Comes in vertical or horizontal blinds and choice of wood or immitation slats.


If you're looking to update an old couch or sofa to fit your new style, instead of buying a new (and costly) piece of furniture, we can renew those existing pieces to compliment your new interior direction.


From drapes, to shades and ripple fold curtains, a home automation system adds convenience to windows. Coupled with new advancements in tablet and smartphone applications, motorized window treatments are the ultimate in ease of use and sophistication.


From windows to walls, we specialize in creating a unified experience by offering wall treatments. Today's wallpapers offer much more sophisticated patterns and finishes and can complete the exact look you're looking for.